Gamification in the Workplace

January 12, 2022

You work in games, so why can’t you game in work?

Funnily enough, the core element of most games is actually work.

Work can be defined as any activity involving mental or physical exertion done in order to achieve a desired result. So, every time you pick up your controller to continue where you left off, you’re actually engaging in work. Why? Because it’s fun and addictive. Yes, doing repetitive tasks can be fun addictive, but only when there’s a willingness to play and engage.

This is where gamification comes into play. Gamification in the workplace is about creating game-like elements and applying game principles to be woven into non-game contexts. Weaving gamification into the workplace is aimed at motivating and engaging people.

What are game-like elements, you ask? They’re anything from progress bars and leaderboards, to avatars and badges. These elements add to a person’s work experience. With progress bars, people can visualise their personal development or progress towards hitting their goal. With badges, people can take pride in and share their accomplishments when they’ve actually hit that goal. Some may argue that leaderboards may do more harm than good; however with the right atmosphere, dynamic and support structure, leaderboards can bring about some healthy and motivating competition.

However, gamification in the workplace will only be effective if it is created with the both business' goals and the end-user’s needs at the focal point. Interweaving and balancing these two is no easy feat, but it can be done!

Unsplash Image: @ingvar_erik Igor Karimov

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